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introducing the GeoDB city api

When you're working on an e-commerce site or the next great mobile app - all replete with visions of sugarplum fairies, ad stream revenue, and maybe even an eventual Google buyout — do you really want to get stuck on figuring out how to get a list of possible cities in the end-user's selected state?

Come to think of it, do you even want to worry about how to populate the possible states or regions in one of over 200 some-odd possible countries?

Good point, but can't I just roll this myself? 

Of course, you as a competent developer could. But should you? Consider this:

  • The world has over 116,000 cities and towns with a population over 1000.
  • The smaller cities are not necessarily set in stone. Geopolitical events can result in towns being renamed or changing regions. (Sometimes even countries!)
  • New cities and towns are cropping up every year, with hundreds more planned in the next decade.


  • Filter cities by name prefix, countries, location, time-zone, and minimum population (currently over 116,000 cities and towns).
  • Get city details, including latitude/longitude, time-zone, population, elevation above sea level, and the current time (factors in daylight savings).
  • Get all country regions (states/provinces).
  • Get all cities in a given region.
  • Get all countries supporting a currency.
  • REST API adheres to industry best-practices, including HATEOS-style links for paging results.
  • Backed by Amazon AWS load-balanced infrastructure.
  • Data periodically refreshed from GeoNames.

Getting Started

Getting Started Go here to quickly learn about the basic features and set up your coding environment. You'll be off to the races - even if you do carry around a hard green shell!


Guides Get detailed help with specific GeoDB tasks on your path to world domination. These guides are intended to be short mini-tutorials on how to implement specific use-cases.


TutorialsGet an even better feel for how to use GeoDB with in-depth walk-throughs on how to implement a feature from backend to UI.

API Reference & SDKS

API Reference Get details on all API operations and try them out right from within the page!

Explore SDKs and sample code.