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Error handling

Error Response Format

  errors: [
      code: SOME_ERROR_CODE
      message: "Error-specific verbiage."
      message: "Error-specific verbiage."

Possible Error Codes

Code Description
ACCESS_DENIED You've attempted to use a feature that is not available under your current subscription plan.
ENTITY_NOT_FOUND The requested entity (e.g., city/country/region) couldn't be found.
INCOMPATIBLE The request is syntatically valid but is not supported in the context of the current resource. (For example, this can happen if you try to sort a regional city by countryCode - invalid in this case since all cities within a given region will by definition be in the same country.)
PARAM_INVALID The request contains a parameter value in the wrong format or that doesn't make semantic sense.
PARAMS_MUTUALLY_EXCLUSIVE The request contains one or more parameters that cannot coexist.